Double click the main window to activate the options window:




By selecting 'Always on top' the main window will be placed in front of the others.

By selecting 'Tray bar', TritaFile will place an icon on the tray bar; when the main window is minimized, you can reopen TritaFile by a double click on it.

Tray bar

Right click on the icon will activate the following menu:
- Help (to open this help).
- Info (to open credits).
- Restore TritaFile (to call TritaFile).
- Exit (to close TritaFile and remove the tray bar icon).

By selecting 'Load at startup' the program will start when Windows starts.



By selecting 'Alerts' you'll be warned before file shredding:


By selecting 'Sounds' the system sounds will be activated.


File shredding

TritaFile uses three shredding techniques. By this slider you can choose between security and speed.


By clicking Help button you'll activate this help.


The credits window will open by clicking on Info button.

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